Carousel – Episode 12





Originally Aired: March 2, 2012

Delphine Coma – Sothis ▲ Dog Star
Chris Corner – The Clash
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Ex-Voto – Falling Apart**
Strap On Halo – Monster**
Not 2 Without 3 – Crocodiles
Modern Eon – High Noon
Low Sea – Berlin
Metal Boys – Tokio Airport
Deadbeats – Movin’ On In
Curl – Devil At Work
Tying Tiffany – Dark Day
The Cure – Wailing Wall
Fad Gadget – Saturday Night Special
Das Kabinette – Carousel

** The Age of Decay event in Jacksonville, FL with headliner Ex-Voto that was mentioned in this episode has been postponed. For further details, go to or follow their facebook page.

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