Crossover – Episode 40 w/ A*Star

In this episode, Kim Welsh and Perry Pelonero of A*Star join me via Skype from their Chicago-based studio to talk about music and other stuff. We explore tracks from their various projects such as Skylight, Bliss.City.East, SPC ECO, Morpheme, and Beijing Tangs plus their newest tracks from A*Star.. also, we throw in some tracks from Curve, Pink Floyd and Herb Alpert for good measure.

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Recorded July 19, 2012
Skylight – As You Leave 2008 (video)
Bliss.City.East – Lovely (free download)
SPC ECO – Don’t Say (buy)
Morpheme – Pandemic (buy)
Curve – Polaroid
Beijing Tangs – Faster Than The Dream (Bliss Remix Feat. Kim Welsh) (free download)
A*Star – Panic Sunrise (buy) (video)
A*Star – Flashbulb (buy) (video)
Herb Alpert – Rise (segment)
Pink Floyd – Speak to me/Breathe

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