Feature Band: ACTORS

Out of Vancouver, this five-member group have a little something special in my opinion. No full albums yet, but so far I have loved every song they’ve done. Their single, “Post Traumatic Love” is probably in my top 10 favorites of 2012…. and I also REALLY love the b side, which is “Nightlife” (video below) I could listen over and over. (7″ available on Northern Light Records) There are also the beautiful tracks “Forever” and “XYX” (see their Bandcamp page) You can’t really put ACTORS in a single category because there is a taste of everything… If you could put some Bowie, Roxy Music, Human League and Tears for Fears into a blender, you may come close to making a comparison, but it would still be just a guess. I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for them. I’m craving more!  To copy their bio, ” The new wave five piece achieves their end goal by paying tribute to the production and arrangement of Hughes-ian era heart melters and the kind of hymns found in those once-in-a-lifetime dreams.”

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