Feature Band – Chevalier Avant Garde

Chevalier Avant GardeHere’s a band I would like to listen to more of. They’re an electronic duo from Montreal, Canada. I had accidentally stumbled upon their track “Haircut” a year or so ago when putting together an episode of Toy Factory and absolutely loved it. Later, I also included their song “Baby You Were Great” in an episode.

Members Dimitri and Filip have built up quite a nice catalogue of tracks on their Bandcamp page. Last year they put out their 10 track LP called “Heterotopias,” (which included the aforementioned “Haircut,”) and they have a couple other EPs and singles already under their belt. Subtle, romantic electronic sequences and rhythmic tones teamed with haunting vocals make for some nostalgia, but you would not listen to them and think they were something from the past. Something about their sound still takes you into the current scene. The band have played around North America and Europe alongside bands such as Dream Affair, Police des moeurs and Automelodi.

Here’s my very first listen…

The band now have a brand new single coming out, “Hilary” with the B side “Those Who Suffer” being released on Beko as a 7″ on May 12 (click here to preorder.) Back in February, the band posted on their Facebook page, “Our new LP album is ready! Details soon…” so, it sounds like we can watch for more from this band in the coming weeks 🙂

Here’s a video clip from their new single:

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