Feature Band: Dead Leaf Echo

This Brooklyn trio are currently on tour down to SXSW and supporting their upcoming new record ‘Thought & Language’ which is being mixed by by John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, Lush) As luck would have it, I will see them here in Charlotte tomorrow night! 🙂 Their website describes their unique blend, “incorporating elements of ambient, baroque, dream-pop, shoegaze, new wave, and goth, and crafting every aspect of their sound and vision, they remain one of the few left willing to work on high-art as concept.”

“Resonates like a glass of old school absinthe,” says the Huffington Post.
“A post-Romantic approach to music, fashion, even New York City itself….. is the kind of wisdom Robert Smith masterfully conjured in his prime…” says Andrew Frisicano, writer for The Deli NYC.

My favorite song and video has been Kingmaker:

Kingmaker from dead leaf echo on Vimeo.

Their brand new single “Birth” is now out on 7 inch or digital download and it is ever so dreamy… take a listen:

check out more music on the band’s Bandcamp Page or their website, www.deadleafechonyc.com where you can also see their current tour dates.

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