Feature Band – Girls Names

After reading NME’s review of Girls Names’ new album “The New Life,” (Slumberland Records) I found myself on Spotify, giving it a listen (after all, how could I resist their description of doom-laden goth pop?) What I heard was a lot of influence from The Cure, Joy Division, Echo and The Bunnymen, Smiths etc.. and a modern art rock sound peeking through to let you know this is not the 80s anymore. Girls Names hails from Northern Ireland (Belfast) and, unless I’m misunderstanding the article, NME says that “The New Life” is the band’s debut, which is a bit confusing. This album actually makes the band’s second full-length, and they’ve also had a mini album and an EP (which could be considered their debut, released through Captured Tracks.) So, anyway, they’ve been around making music since 2009. The band has indeed shifted their sound towards a darker influence and away from that beachy surfy indie pop sound (not that there’s anything wrong with that)… also the band has added members, so I guess in a sense, we can consider them a debut outfit.  I look forward to seeing where this band goes.. all I can say is “Drawing Lines” has haunted me for days… a relatively simple track (the vocal melody mimics the guitar line).. but that melancholic riff just gets me…

“The New Life” on iTunes

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