Feature Band – Hyena Motorcade

These guys from Orange County, California are slowly getting noticed, and deservedly so. They make no secret of the fact that they are heavily influenced by bands like The Psychedelic Furs, New Order, The Sisters of Mercy and of course David Bowie. The first single I heard from them a couple of years ago was “Heartbreaks“.. full of melancholic romantic tones and a very clear taste of that Furs sound.. singer Rik Kaley’s smooth vocals are endearing and unmistakably nostalgic of a lot of things I loved about the 80s. And yet, this sound is also very “now”… gorgeous track…

Then I went back and listened to some of their other tracks such as “Shadows” and detected the darker more gothic and deathrock influences. (by the way, just a bit of trivia.. guitarist, Mark Allen has a long history in the Los Angeles goth scene and was one of the early members of Ex-Voto. Singer Rik had worked together with Mark in another California goth/deathrock band called BloodPenny some years back. Currently, Mark is also in another postpunk/gothic rock project called Former Humans.) Amazing bass work on this one from bassist Art Agunod…

Now the band have a brand new single “10000 Sparrows” which to me is almost Bowie-esque in parts with the vocals.. such passion in this melody.. someone on soundcloud called the guitar work on this track “buttery”.. perfect description. This track features world class drummer Alberto Campos who recently joined both Hyena Motorcade and Former Humans.

The band are working on their full length album and are in hopes to close a deal with a label soon. Their current songs are available to purchase through iTunes [here] and other digital outlets. I’m looking forward to hearing what comes next!

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