Feature Band – The Mystic Underground

It’s no surprise this is some great music out of Brooklyn. The Mystic Underground, Vlad and Ben, can write pop songs without selling out… songs that are bright and upbeat but still emit some bitterness of life’s struggles and disappointments… songs that will make you want to dance, or perhaps make you want to stand up to your asshole boss. Empowering songs with thoughtful lyrics. Vladimir Valette’s dramatic and soulful vocals add to this empowerment. Benedetto Socci puts the melodies to work with amazing electronic arrangements and intense lead synths, pulling from various influences, which is why it would be hard to tag them into one genre. These guys never pause.. when they’re not writing and recording or working on a remix, they’re playing shows around New York. It’s also worth mentioning that singer Vlad is often in the chatroom on Strangeways Radio. He joined the chat during an episode of Toy Factory when I first played their song “Discord and Panic,” off their “Dreamers and Lovers” EP, and we kind of adopted him, so he’s been joining chats ever since 😉 And of course, it’s not surprising that The Mystic Underground is a staple in the Strangeways Radio library. DJs love them because It’s just good stuff!

These guys have a few videos, but I’ll just share this one since it’s one of my favorite songs. This tune can stay in my head for days! Great video too:

The band have now finished a new EP which is called “Gender Rules” and will be out probably sometime in July (follow them on Facebook for updates on the release) For now, they have put out the first single off the EP, “Fanfare For The Modern Man”
Listen here:

free download [click here]

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