Feature Band – The Secret Post

photo by Blackjack Photography

photo by Blackjack Photography

In some dark corner of Tulsa, Oklahoma comes a lineup of four guys; Zachariah, Nicoli, M,and Tim. The Secret Post; a band that has been coined by the local scene as “a dark and sensual mix of New Wave restraint and rock excess.” (Tulsa World) “Tulsa’s new dark-romantics are sexy, sultry and imminently danceable” (The Urban Tulsa)


The band describes themselves: “The Secret Post is sex…The Secret Post is dark romance…and The Secret Post will make you dance all dead…WE WILL RUIN YOU.”

Whatever way they’re described, this is a great postpunk revival band with influences of The Cure and Joy Division… I hear hints of The Chameleons.. Modern English.. maybe a bit of Asylum PartyThe Sisters of MercyDanse Society

The band has had its ups and downs since founded in 2004 by lead man Zachariah Wiser, but now with a solid lineup and tons of material under their belt, they’re ready to take on their first full album. And, ooh I know a secret! I can’t tell you yet, but all I can say is they’re working with an influential guitarist from the 80s for this album, and you may have heard of this person before 😉
This is definitely a band to keep a watchful eye on in 2014 and beyond!

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