Live Events

Although I am primarily an online radio host/ podcaster, occasionally, I have been asked to DJ live gigs. There are lots of good live DJs out there so I don’t get asked too often. I have enjoyed the few events I’ve done and the people who have attended have given me positive feedback, so I’d be happy to do them in the future. I am based in Charlotte, North Carolina but willing to travel. If you’re booking a show or festival within my genres and you need some music played before/after/in-between bands, or if you’re a club or a DJ who needs someone to cover, or you want to bounce around ideas for a monthly event in one of my genres, feel free to send me an email:

just a short list:
New Wave 80s, Nu Wave, Darkwave, Minimal Wave, Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Synthpop, Futurepop, Aggrotech, Dark Electro, Dark Dance, EBM, Electroclash, Shoegaze, Postpunk, Dreampop, Indie wave, Coldwave, Britpop. To get an idea of different mixes, you can check out all of my setlists in the shows/podcasts section. (Also I have a photo album on my facebook page containing screenshots of old setlists I have done which includes more industrial music.)

Portable digital setup. I bring with me with me nearly 700GB of music, over 60,000 songs so that I can easily access anything from my collection. I use a PC laptop with midi controller deck. I use a low latency external sound card with with high-quality, 24-bit audio output via stereo RCA cables. (I have adapter cables if needed) I have a couple of different sized tables if needed. I do not have my own PA or speaker system, so either the venue will need to have its own or we would have to work out a rental.

My current calendar is varied. Just email me about specific dates, as soon as you know them.

Some past posts about live gigs: