Carousel Returning, Bedroom Cassette Masters Vol. 2, New Project, and other news…

I’ve been a bit busy lately and I know it’s been months since I’ve done any kind of show. I’m quite sure I am now speaking to just a very small group of you. Thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve not been “in the loop” as much as I would like to be. I have a few bits of news I would like to share with you:

I still don’t feel I can come back full force with all 3 of my shows. I just have too much on my personal plate to commit to that much DJ time. That said, I do find myself missing it. So, for now, I think my schedule will allow me to bring back Carousel once a month, starting in May. This is a monthly podcast and I will post it on the first Friday of every month. The thing I like about Carousel is that the playlist isn’t thrown together in a few hours or a few days, but it evolves over the course of the month as I set aside interesting tracks I want to play. The end result is usually a mixed bag of songs that are of my taste, which makes it special to me and often personal. In the past, Carousel has had the least amount of listeners out of all three of my shows, but for some reason it gives me the most pleasure, so I will continue, and maybe if I’m lucky, a few of you will enjoy it 🙂 As for my other shows, Toy Factory and Crossover, they’re still on hold for now. It’s possible I could have a special interview podcast or two coming up, but nothing solid. I will let you know. You can check out old episodes of Carousel if you click here. Between now and May, I hope to fix my website to make the show easier to subscribe to on iTunes and RSS.  I will also continue to blog “Feature Bands” when I can and hopefully make that subscribable.

While I’ve been on hiatus, I have had the chance to play more with my synth toys. A year or so ago, I made a weird outer-spacey track called “Exploration” and it just sort of sat there on my soundcloud as a semi-finished experiment. I had downloaded the Vol. 1 Bedroom Cassette Masters compilation (label: Carrillion Cassettes) and quite enjoyed it. It was full of odd minimal wave stuff that was in the spirit of the vintage age of electronic music. More recently there was a call for submissions for Vol. 2. Much to my delight, they called for real OR “imagined” minimal wave projects from the 80s. They requested real OR fictional biography and cassette cover to be included with the submitted track, which needed to keep true to the aesthetic from that era, as if it were taped in a home studio. I couldn’t resist this fun idea! I reworked “Exploration” to take out anything that sounded too modern, and I added some Moogey sounds and vocal bits and some filters to give the track more of a non-digital flavor. I submitted it under the name of “Omniluxe” with a biography about a woman from Finland who wanted to make music for science fiction films (sadly, in the fake bio, she died LOL.) Simon Holland, the head curator of Bedroom Cassette Masters responded immediately and said he wanted the track on the compilation. He made some helpful suggestions for the final submission, then it was good to go. The compilation will come with a .pdf booklet with all the bios and images of the cassette covers. If you’re an electronic music nerd, you definitely should grab a copy. You can get Vol. 1 for free now on the BCM bandcamp page and Vol. 2 including a copy of “Exploration” will be just a few dollars to download on April 13 at this link. (also, I think my speaking voice is in the compilation’s intro track hehe) Thanks to Simon Holland for choosing my track. He was inundated with submissions so I feel honored I was chosen 🙂

I want to push myself to finish projects I’ve started in the past few years since getting some new synth toys… I have all these unfinished tracks on my hard drive, or partial songs or vocal ideas. I have been a creative person all my life and composing music is the one area I haven’t done too much with. I like to write lyrics as well. I hope to make this side of my creativity more of a priority. Some of my friends have offered to collaborate and help with mixing or adding their own talents as I go along. Realistically, what I’ll consider as “finished” will be nothing more than homemade demos. I don’t have any desire to sink thousands of dollars into studio time to make my music sound pristine. I’ll do what I can with them here at home, and I expect nothing beyond that. I don’t want to force my music project down your throats. You came here for DJ Candy, the maker of playlists, not Candy the synth experimenter… which is why I decided to split off into another moniker, or “band name” if you will. Not to think too deeply into the name “Tenderlash,” but it sort of fits me and the type of music I want to make… it’s feminine, soft, timid, flirtatious, but also a bit melancholy and emotional… I don’t have any delusions about this project. I probably won’t be signing to a major label and going on a world tour LOL… but I’ll be happy if I can make something from start to finish and make it listenable. You won’t get news about Tenderlash on this website or on my DJ Candy facebook page, so please follow the Tenderlash facebook page if you’re interested in updates on this project  (and I have reserved but there is nothing there yet but a splash page.)

In other news, I am still also helping out as the US Manager for the Italian band The Shade, so I hope you’ll check out their music and watch for updates on their Facebook page… and even though Toy Factory is on hiatus, I am still active with the Strangeways Radio community. Follow them on Facebook and check out all of the shows they have to offer!

That’s all for now. I wish you all a pleasant spring 🙂
Love and gratitude,

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