Feature Band: The Shade

From Milan, Italy.. two friends, Derfel and Stefan, who have known each other for many years have finally come together to make this project. From the very first demo they let me hear, I knew I wanted to get involved. You will hear me talk about them often. For now, I’m proud to take the role as their PR manager and graphic designer 🙂

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The Shade EP was digitally released on Nov. 15, 2012 and contains four tracks that will be a part of an upcoming 11 track album. Their influence comes from everything they grew up with and everything they love now…  a unique blend of sounds and full arrangements that I think fans of my generation and even the younger music fans will crave. I have heard some of their other tracks that aren’t out yet and all I have to say is… keep an eye on these guys 😉 www.theshade.eu

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